Single Malt de Raasay (R-02) 1 x 70cl

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Single Malt de Raasay, whisky écossais, R-02, 46,4% abv, couleur naturelle, non filtré à froid – 1 x 70cl

Le Single Malt « signature » de Raasay

Légèrement tourbé et équilibré avec de riches saveurs de fruits noirs. Couleur or miel avec des nuances de vin rouge.

Chaque goutte est distillée, maturée et mise en bouteille sur l’île de Raasay.

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Single Malt de Raasay, whisky écossais, R-02, 46,4% abv, couleur naturelle, non filtré à froid – 1 x 70cl

Le single malt « signature » écossais de l’île de Raasay.

Deux spiritueux de l’île de Raasay – tourbé et non tourbé – sont vieillis séparément dans des fûts de vin rouge de Bordeaux, de chêne vierge de Chinkapin et de seigle américain.

Légèrement tourbé et équilibré avec de riches saveurs de fruits noirs. Couleur or miel avec des nuances de vin rouge.

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159 avis pour Single Malt de Raasay (R-02) 1 x 70cl

  1. Anglais

    Jeremy Ellwood

    Love the product but think the £5 off next order over £50 is a bit cheeky when you know your core product costs £48! Similar re free postage being for orders over £50…

  2. Anglais

    Julie Reece

    Really enjoyed this new malt from a place that I know and love.

  3. Anglais

    Robert Brown

    I really enjoyed the whole experience. So much so I ordered another two bottles

  4. Anglais

    Ruth Chilcott

    Great. Bought and delivered as a present.
    One thing that could improve the experience would be the opportunity to send a message when buying as a gift

  5. Anglais


    For a young whisky this is a very enjoyable dram that never fails to put a smile on my face when having one.

  6. Anglais

    Christine Jackson

    Excellent whisky

  7. Anglais


    Bought as a gift. Great service, quick delivery and lovely and courteous website. Will use again.

  8. Anglais

    Helen Cumming

    Beautiful bottle with fabulous whisky!

  9. Anglais

    Skye George

    A beautiful lightly peated single malt in a very distinctive bottle from a great distillery with lovely very helpful staff

  10. Anglais


    Not too peaty, doesn’t rip your throat out and stamp all over it, actually, it’s nicely sweet. Awesome bottle too.

  11. Anglais


    A departure from the norm and better for it

  12. Anglais

    William McDougall

    we found it a pleasant after supper drink

  13. Anglais

    Fiona B

    Smooth, light with a touch of peat. A beautiful dram!

  14. Anglais

    Andrew Sinclair

    Bought as a gift, the recipient thought it was a great choice snd they thoroughly enjoyed it.

  15. Anglais

    Suzannah Brecknock

    Exquisite. We purchased our first bottle on a visit to the distillery and my husband loved it – so much so, that when I purchased a second bottle for Christmas, it was his favourite gift. The taste from start to finish is complex, smooth and rich, and the bottle is a work of art – making it ideal to celebrate a special occasion or to serve to good friends after a dinner party. Truly special.

  16. Anglais


    Excellent flavour. Attractive bottle. Prompt service by online shop

  17. Anglais


    Smooth, excellent blend, my son really enjoyed it

  18. Anglais

    Mr Eddy Howard

    Best malt I’ve tasted in a very long time

  19. Anglais

    Kate Butler

    This is a birthday present that hasn’t been true yet .
    It is beautifully presented and sounds amazing.
    We’ll see.

  20. Anglais

    Dr Gerry Prout

    Excellent whisky

  21. Anglais

    Marc Smith

    Wow, just wow. I have a good selection of whiskies and this one holds its own against all of them. Smooth as silk and just the right amount of peat. An absolute beauty of a tipple (or a good slug).

  22. Anglais

    Paul Lee

    For a young whiskey, this has a surprisingly complex taste and length of finish whilst remaining smooth with a nice edge.

  23. Anglais


    Great delivery!

  24. Anglais

    Joanna TURNER

    This is one of our favorites, just enough peat!

  25. Anglais

    Mr Keith Mellor

    Delightful. A delicious drop to savour. Much richer than it’s age suggests.

  26. Anglais

    Mr Raymond Cox

    Beautifully smooth whisky. I very pleased to have discovered it during a stay on the island

  27. Anglais


    Enjoyable dram at night 🥃

  28. Anglais


    lovely whisky easy drinking

  29. Anglais

    Rachael McDougal

    Delicious dram! Lovely balance of smokey flavour, can highly recommend

  30. Anglais


    Brilliant produce from Raasay

  31. Anglais

    Helen Cumming

    Very easy website to use and very efficient. The bottle arrived and was well wrapped and secure. I would recommend the Isle os Raasay whisky. It is a present for my husband and is in really striking bottle.

  32. Anglais

    Stewart Wardrop

    A great dram

  33. Anglais


    Really nice whiskey highly recommend 👌

  34. Anglais


    Excellent all round. Very special whisky from a beautiful island. Bottle is great and delivery was swift.

  35. Anglais

    Niall McLeod

    Love this whisky. Complex flavour that works beautifully

  36. Anglais


    Such an amazing dram from a fairly new distillery. Subtle smoke and dark fruits. Beautiful 🥃

  37. Anglais

    grant wooler

    Good strong flavour, well balanced.

  38. Anglais

    Andrew Tyler

    The producer is balancing the need to generate revenue as a recent business, with a slow maturing product unlikely to reach its peak as a young whisky.
    The taste is great, somewhat sweet undertones, a flavor likely to improve over time. If you like west coast malt whisky then try it. Avoid the pretentious marketing from the big companies, support a true local business, and celebrate a taste of Raasay.

  39. Anglais

    Martin D’Arcy

    Quite nice, but disappointed with total lack of even a hint of peatiness. Might add a drop of Talisker or Laphroaig to a glass and see what happens. Like the bottle, but not worth £55. Could have bought some Lagavulin for that sort of money!

  40. Anglais


    A very pleasant dram

  41. Anglais

    mr shaw

    At 46% Abu it needs a wee drop of water in it, then I look what a wonderful dram.

  42. Anglais

    Heather Elsley

    Smooth with a hint of sweetness. Delicious!

  43. Anglais


    Really good follow up from R-01! Needs a bit of air to open up the full flavours.

  44. Anglais

    Tommy Maclauchlan

    Loved the taste

  45. Anglais

    Mr. D R Duthie

    Asked to rate the Raasay single malt which l bought 2 weeks ago; gorgeous looking bottle and packaging; seems good value for money; not tasted yet so can’t comment on the taste. However have no reason to think it will be anything other than lovely.

  46. Anglais


    it’s a mild pleated medium flavour whisky. If that’s your taste then this is a good one

  47. Anglais

    Peter Bissell

    I am no connoisseur of any whisky and I’ve been drinking them for 659 yrs all over the world still nowhere near trying them all. Or even 1/2 of them . I do try . Which is why I tasted this one . It’s excellent I’m not getting poetic about aromas flavours bursting on the tongue etc . It’s a good Scottish Whisky , tasty, what I’d tern Island flavour, deep tone on the finish to me a bit reminiscent of Dalmore which I love . Try it I’ll buy more without a doubt .

  48. Anglais

    Stephanie Lovell

    First discovered this the Raasay Malt through my uncle. I finished his bottle so directly ordered my own and a replacement for him. Subtle notes with a hint of smoke on the nose. A lovely sip for any time of day and year.

  49. Anglais

    paula Jaques

    Slightly peaty with strong finish

  50. Anglais

    Iona Dairon

    Beautiful whisky.
    Delicate flavours and a beautiful colour.
    A good one to share with friends.
    Bottle is so special with fossil shapes moulded into it . I love it

  51. Anglais


    A beautifully crafted smooth single malt

  52. Anglais


    Rated 9/10 at whisky club it had a higher mark than some of the more expensive /aged whiskies

  53. Anglais


    Perfect for anyone who enjoys proper whiskey

  54. Anglais

    Red Hazel

    Beautiful taste

  55. Anglais


    This is delightfully subtle. I like this one a lot and it has become my go-to whisky.

  56. Anglais

    Ivor Dunn

    Great whisky highly recomended. Only gripe is bought from distillery website delivered from amazon. If I had bought direct from amazon could have saved postage and whisky was about £4 cheaper.

  57. Anglais

    Susan Chandler

    Just personal choice for the recipient of our present- he doesn’t like a whisky that’s too ‘peaty’ and found your whisky fitted his preference very well

  58. Anglais

    Margaret Potter

    Bought as a present for my husband. He was very pleased with it

  59. Anglais

    Julian Knowles

    I love the breadth of flavours this 6 ingredient spectrum provides. It’s a sophisticated dram.

  60. Anglais

    James Henderson

    Very nice indeed

  61. Anglais


    Excellent flavour and aftertaste, great customer service.

  62. Anglais

    Charles Atkinson


  63. Anglais


    Always a favourite and reminiscent of our stay in the Distillery!

  64. Anglais


    Very tasty whisky

  65. Anglais

    Adrian Preston

    Highly enjoyable

  66. Anglais


    Elegant and refined

  67. Anglais

    Jackie Balderston

    Beautiful.. Captures a true taste of the area!

  68. Anglais

    Magdalena Pancewicz

    Mu order has never arrived. I still hasn’t heard from the customer service.

  69. Anglais

    Edmund MacLeod

    An excellent dram!

  70. Anglais


    Purchased as a Christmas present for my son. But great service from Raasay as usual.

  71. Anglais

    Dr Gerry Prout

    Superb quality both of the product and service.

  72. Anglais

    Stephen Summers

    Beautiful whisky – I’ve re bought 3x

  73. Anglais


    Bought this bottle for my three year old grandson to enjoy on his eighteenth birthday 🥃🥃

  74. Anglais


    Can only give it fours the now as I’ve no tried this one . Still have the 1.1 , sherry cask , chinkapin oak and the new 2.1 .
    Raasey one of my favourites and also being an islander I like to buy home or near from home produce

  75. Anglais

    Jamie Robinson

    Outstanding product and company – very helpful

  76. Anglais

    Joy Ellis

    Simply our top choice, and believe me we have tried a whole lot of lovely whiskies! Exceptional flavour and worth every penny.

  77. Anglais


    Bottle not opened yet won’t be long. Thank You.

  78. Anglais

    Stuart Wiseman

    Very very nice whiskey, smooth and great after taste.

  79. Anglais

    Deanna Henderson

    Love this whisky!

  80. Anglais


    Bought it after seeing the review on Sunday brunch

  81. Anglais


    Excellent malt

  82. Anglais

    Ms E Pugh

    My Dad really loved his Christmas pressie and all that you are doing at Raasay. Thank you.

  83. Anglais


    Fine whisky. Complex beautiful, just like the isles of Skye

  84. Anglais

    Ailsa Curnow

    This was a gift so I haven’t tasted the product

  85. Anglais

    Alice G-P

    Bought as a present for my brother in law, very good reports back! Beautiful bottle and very smooth ordering process despite the postal strikes! I would definitely order again

  86. Anglais

    Kinga Was

    Very nice taste.

  87. Anglais

    Tracy Barnes

    this is a lovely gift that i bought for my husband. not something you can buy from the local supermarket. he loved it. bottle is lovely and the drink i am told is very good. great shipping as well. thank you

  88. Anglais

    Mr David Huang

    I had a bottle of Raasay for my birthday from friends. I have to buy it again because I enjoyed it so much. Great whiskey 🥃

  89. Anglais

    K. David

    Very pleasing bottle. Top quality single malt. Interesting subtle depth of flavour but not overpowering in any way. Excellent. Will buy again.

  90. Anglais

    Veronica Brown

    I bought this as a Christmas present and the recipient is very happy saying that it is a very good single malt.

  91. Anglais

    Skye George

    Another great whisky from Raasay Distillery. This made the perfect gift of a single malt to welcome in the new year. Very distinctive bottle design for a very distinctive Single Malt.

  92. Anglais


    Nice complex peaty whisky

  93. Anglais

    shaun cummings

    Everyone who tried the single malt liked the product and we will be buying from yourselves again.

  94. Anglais

    Christine Leishman

    I bought yhis as a special birthday gift. The recipient wh loves his whisky raved about this.

  95. Anglais


    Bought this for a Xmas present they were absolutely delighted xx

  96. Anglais

    Julie Roddy

    It is a gift and I didn’t hand it over yet.
    But packaged well, arrived on estimate and the box, bottle and Amber nectar look amazing!

  97. Anglais

    Katharine Robinson

    A lovely product my husband and son loved
    Them xx

  98. Anglais

    Tim Leeman

    Excellent whiskey

  99. Anglais

    Forbes Watson

    Excellent dram

  100. Anglais

    Mr Dewar

    A wonderful whisky with excellent taste and very smooth.

  101. Anglais



  102. Anglais

    Susan Watkins

    Proper whisky taste. Warming and full bodied. Annoyed it has taken me so long to find my new favourite malt. Excellent job

  103. Anglais

    Nigel Gauld

    Part of the gift pack, it looked amazing and was amazing to drink

  104. Anglais

    john fearnside

    We love this unique distillery and its whiskey especially the fact it’s independent and fresh, thanks Rassay.

  105. Anglais

    Taylor Fletcher

    Absolutely delicious.

  106. Anglais

    Jakub Blazewicz

    Great choice for a gift

  107. Anglais

    Paul Comerford

    A superb flagship whisky. I always have a bottle on hand.

  108. Anglais

    Emma Brasnett

    I thought that Scotch was nasty until I tried Raasay on a distillery tour. Wow! Smooth and great taste. Have purchased a couple of bottles and enjoy on occasion.

  109. Anglais

    Heather Keenlyside

    Absolute superb, smooth and beautifully flavoured

  110. Anglais

    Kevin Archard

    Just love the smooth, rich peaty taste of this single malt. Best flavour ever.

  111. Anglais

    Laura and Roderick

    Excellent whiskey. Given as a gift to several people.

  112. Anglais

    CAROL S.

    Bought as a pressie. They loved it.

  113. Anglais

    Nick Morgan

    The taste is truly Barbaric (in a great way!)

  114. Anglais

    Andy Boniface

    Excellent product and company

  115. Anglais

    Peter Horton

    Great whisky, excellent look as well

  116. Anglais


    Great taste. Great product

  117. Anglais

    Sam Williams

    This is a stunning whisky. I first tried at a tasting event and it stuck in my mind as being a wonderful collaboration of heather, honey and smoke (medium peat). A few months later I treated myself to a bottle and it’s lived up to my memory from the tasting. Really lovely. For anyone trying it, I find it opens up well and is silky smooth with a few drops of water.

  118. Anglais

    M Jones

    I did research this, including reviews, before buying but still half expected a slight harshness you normally get with young malts. I needn’t have worried, it is a superb dram with a perfect balance of smoke and sweetness that I am still enjoying!

  119. Anglais

    Kirsty Blackwell

    Good taste but expensive for what it is

  120. Anglais

    Andy Coutts

    A great malt, very enjoyable!

  121. Anglais


    Good product but expensive

  122. Anglais

    Silke Nimkar

    I bought this as a special gift for my husband and he is really impressed with the quality and great taste. Highly recommended.

  123. Anglais

    Roger Till

    Wonderful whisky with a unique taste. Just a lovely dram in a cool bottle. You can tell a lot of care and thought has gone into its distilling. As whisky is so personal I’ll leave it to you to buy and try – you will not be disappointed.

  124. Anglais

    Tim Watton

    Great taste. Will buy again

  125. Anglais

    Joris Van Ongevalle

    Just great stuff!

  126. Anglais

    Kath Brown

    Delicious whisky!

  127. Anglais


    I like the peat flavor in the scotch

  128. Anglais


    I have thoroughly enjoyed a couple of bottles of this whisky. Despite its youth, in my view it has the complexity associated with aged whisky.

  129. Anglais


    Its taste and aroma bring me right back to the island.

  130. Anglais

    Suzanne Lowe

    Beautiful whiskey, smooth, complex, different to anything else I have tasted.

  131. Anglais

    Graham Price

    Splendid dramming

  132. Anglais

    Mr R J Godden

    A great distillery and an ever improving whisky. I order regularly from the distillery and receive my order within 48-72 hour.

  133. Anglais

    Peter Bissell

    Well in 77 yrs I’ve sample most Global Whiskeys especially Scottish .none have disappointed much . Certain brew and types sources have excelled too many to list but Ramsay t
    Does something g to my palette and senses I can’t quite describe I love it it’s my current favourite Whiskey.

  134. Anglais

    Dr Gerry Prout

    An excellent single malt whisky with all the characteristics that I really enjoy in a whisky.

  135. Anglais


    Excellent whisky from an excellent distillery delivered quickly and efficiently

  136. Anglais

    J Allan

    I have not sampled it yet

  137. Anglais

    John Philip Brush

    Nice smooth drink, slightly expensive for a new distillery

  138. Anglais

    Matthew Bygrave

    My Father said ” very nice indeed”
    Thank you

  139. Anglais

    joanne curtis

    My husbands favourite whisky

  140. Anglais


    Smooth but subtle bite.

  141. Anglais


    Very nice Whisky!

  142. Anglais

    Mr Jeremy Trowbridge

    I haven’t opened it yet but the presentation and colour looks great

  143. Anglais

    Roger Till

    Such a wonderful whisky with depths of flavour. The colour is very special and draws you in as does the bottle itself. That’s your eyes taken care off. The nose is engaged next with the sniff test. It doesn’t disappoint. Taste it! Wow, an amazing dram which will delight. I could go on talking about the fruits, the spices and the lingering flavours. The best thing is to buy one and try it for yourself.

  144. Anglais


    Makes an ideal gift for my son in laws birthday he is a Scottish Malt whisky aficionado and he absolutely loved it.

  145. Anglais

    Linda Innes

    Delivered safely and on time.

  146. Anglais

    Marie Chapman

    A fantastic whisky with just the right amount of peatiness.

  147. Anglais

    James Hasker

    Please see above.

  148. Anglais


    Present for father. He is a big single malt fan and has previously visited the distillery. Very happy chappie!

  149. Anglais

    G Dickson

    A very well rounded dram with just the right amount of peat. Best for me with just a splash of water. Will certainly buy again.

  150. Anglais


    Delicious. Really enjoying this one.

  151. Anglais


    My Husband loved it!

  152. Anglais

    Mrs Berry

    Beautiful, smoky loveliness

  153. Anglais


    Very nice, thanks!

  154. Anglais

    Lisa McLean

    My dad enjoyed it x have got him a whisky every year since I was 18 xx

  155. Anglais

    Di H


  156. Anglais


    I bought this as a gift for my husband as he is a really fan of good single malt whiskey. He loves it.

  157. Anglais


    Sadly didn’t initially arrive, tracking said damaged in transit. Team rearranged delivery.

  158. Anglais

    Philip Lindan

    prized me away from thinking Speyside was the best. An absolutely outstanding single malt.

  159. Anglais

    Lindsey Warner

    Bought as a gift but have it on good authority it is lovely whisky

  160. Anglais

    Mrs Sandra Ankah

    Perfect drink for all occasions

  161. Anglais


    makes a great gift

  162. Anglais

    Deonne English


  163. Anglais

    Lindsey Warner

    I bought this for my husband’s birthday and he is very much enjoying this

  164. Anglais


    A recommendation from a bar in Inverness introduced me to this fabulous whisky! Love the taste of it. My only criticism of it is that it is far too easy to drink!

  165. Anglais

    Stephen Foord

    Perfect taste, I was looking for a whiskey, exactly like this. Amazing

  166. Anglais

    David Snooks

    My new go to selection alongside Lagavulin . Raasay standard batch offers something slightly different and special

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